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Microwave Kit with Accessories
Code : N24020
Carry out experiments in Reflection, Refraction, Interface, Diffraction, Polarisation and Communication. The transmitter and receiver have independent plugtop power supplies, making it easy to move and arrange on a bench top to illustrate a variety of E-M properties. Using only t...

RMB 11030.00
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Set Of Rods For Thermal Conductivity
Code : N90686
A set of metal rods 300 x 3.2mm diameter, comprising one each of the following: Aluminium (240), Iron (72), Copper (395), Lead (34), Brass (128), Zinc (112). Conductivity in Wm-1K-1 at 373.2K is shown in brackets.

RMB 93.00
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Tubing Adaptor Unequal Diameters
Code : S35952
To connect tubing of different internal diamters. Riffled limbs provide secure attachment. Suitable for tubing with internal diameters: 4 to 7mm and 7 to 12mm. Normal Crest O.D. Bore min/max mm 3 - 7 4.5 - 8.2 1.6; 6 - 11 8.0 - 11.8 4.6

RMB 32.00
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Digital Voltmeter
Code : N65462
0 to 19.99V d.c only. Overload capability: ±100V. Internal resistance: 1M?.

RMB 937.00
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Digital Ammeter
Code : N70267
Range: 0 to 19.99A d.c. only. Internal resistance: 0.01?.

RMB 803.00
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Deflection e/m Tube
Code : N98018
For determining e/m by balanced electrostatic deflections or by magnetic deflection using the Helmholtz coils. Simple electrostatic and magnetic deflection may be demonstrated and the relationships shown between the plate potentials or coil currents and the degree of deflection. ...

RMB 11854.00
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Easy-Read Meter
Code : N30668
Use the meter to measure the current through the Helmholtz Coils. The attachments are colour-coded and their sockets are arranged to help students grasp the concepts of shunts and multipliers. Input impedance: 100kΩ Resolution: 0.01 Accuracy: ±2% Mass: 0.25kg Size: 95 x 90 x ...

RMB 938.00
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Retro Ranger PSU
Code : N66360
This is the workhorse of the Unilab Retro range, offering continuously variable a.c. up to 15 volts, and d.c. up to 20 volts, at a combined current of up to 8 amps. This unit is ideal where high power is required, such as high-power quartz lamps or for powering simultaneous expe...

RMB 3006.00
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Audio Signal Generator
Code : N83587
A compact, single range instrument covering 100Hz to 3kHz at 3W output. There is an internal speaker which is muted when the external speaker sockets are selected. CRO connections are provided and there is an amplitude control and waveform select switch (sine or triangular output...

RMB 2044.00
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Primary Basic Electricity Kit
Code : N24085
Designed as a resource for the teaching of introductory electricity, these kits include well structured instructional material and robust components mounted on tough, yellow plastic bases, each with two 4mm sockets. The panels are formed into circuits by connecting them together ...

RMB 1117.00
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The Guardians
RMB 315.00
Code : L47404

Cat in The Hat Giant Puzzle Box (Blue)
RMB 60.00
Code : L52574

The Complete Alice Slipcase
RMB 990.00
Code : L55119

Primary Phonics Set 1
RMB 190.00
Code : L62273