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Good Speaking & Listening Poster
Code : L82242
These two posters show children listening and speaking in a variety of contexts, along with clear rules specifically linked to each picture. Suitable for all primary-age children and older children with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum who may struggle with ...

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Ear Defenders
Code : S11251
This fantastically simple resource will block out distracting noise in the classroom, reducing auditory feedback by 25dB. This will enable a child to focus on their given task rather than any surrounding noise or conversations.

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Photo Action Cards
Code : S14266
These lively photo cards demonstrate children performing simple actions such as climbing, eating, hopping, knocking, painting, crying, giving, jumping, writing, reading and more! They are ideal to reinforce vocabulary and to develop narrative and expressive language. Contains 35 ...

RMB 267.00
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Time To Talk Game
Code : S24895
Developed by Alison Schroeder, this fantastic board game will teach and develop essential language and social skills to pupils aged 4-7. The game is centred around Ginger Bear and is designed to complement the Time to Talk book. It is a fun and accessible way of helping younger c...

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Tense Sequencing Cards
Code : S48362
These photo cards provide a strong visual method for teaching the tricky concept of tenses. The cards illustrate the past, present and future tense of thirteen regular and irregular verbs. Includes to climb, to paint, to tie, to wash, to peel, to pack, to open/unwrap, to cut, to ...

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Socially Speaking
Code : S42593
Socially Speaking will help you to introduce and practice skills your pupils need to develop and maintain relationships and to lead independent lives outside the school context. Socially Speaking is a unique social skills programme that lasts a whole school year and is divided in...

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Time To Talk
Code : S60403
School can be a frustrating and confusing experience for children who have not developed their communication skills and therefore access to the curriculum may be difficult. Written by the author of our best-selling Socially Speaking, Time to Talk is designed to teach and develop ...

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Fine Motor Skills
Code : S65876
Find your way to the hidden treasure, join the dots to complete the train, finger paint all the colours of the rainbow and take part in many other exciting adventures! Fine Motor Skills contains over 40 photocopiable activities designed to improve fine motor control, pencil skill...

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Fidget Busters
Code : S89167
Fidget Busters provides a wealth of stimulating activities that connect movement and learning. All the activities involve minimum resources and disruption, and the majority may be used within the confines of the classroom. Sections include 'Shake and Wake', with activities to he...

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Colored Reading Overlays
Code : S99388
Many readers find that conventional black text on white and often shiny paper makes reading uncomfortable. These attractive overlays, in a variety of colours, will help to make the whole process of reading stress-free and fun. Each overlay includes a tracking line to help the rea...

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The Guardians
RMB 315.00
Code : L47404

Cat in The Hat Giant Puzzle Box (Blue)
RMB 60.00
Code : L52574

The Complete Alice Slipcase
RMB 990.00
Code : L55119

Primary Phonics Set 1
RMB 190.00
Code : L62273